Wizards of the Coast Issue Lifetime Ban to their Entire Online Support Team

On the back of the quiet lifetime banning of serial cheater Alex Bertoncini, Wizards of the Coast have surprised the Magic community by extending lifetime bans to the entirety of their Online Response Crew (ORCs).

We reached out to a Wizards of the Coast spokesman, Tim Tenor, to explain the sudden change in policy from the DCI.

“After reviewing feedback from the community we took a hard look at our policy on suspensions and bannings. As the result of a lot of soul searching, we came to the same conclusion; we were being too lenient and erring on the side of caution too frequently. Going forward, the community can expect much harsher retribution for serial cheaters.

“And for our most dedicated support resources.” he added.

When asked about the extent of the bannings, Mr Tenor had the following to stay:

“We want our players to feel confident that they can enjoy Magic in whatever context they choose, free from worrying about being cheated or having adequate moderation.

“To accommodate this, a lifetime ban is comprehensive across all our official MTG offerings. This includes any DCI sanctioned paper events and will also extend to known accounts on Magic Arena, Magic Arena forums, Magic Arena Twitch chat, our other digital products, and anywhere else that the Online Response Crew formerly moderated.”

On the matter of the ORCs specifically, Mr Tenor added:

“The Online Response Crew has been of great service to us at Wizards of the Coast. On our behalf they have dealt with rules disputes, frustrated and toxic users, buggy and broken software, moderation disputes, reimbursement requests, verbal and written abuse, and the impossible task of wrangling the Twitch chat of a growing eSport.

“They’ve been a fantastic asset to us all here and I look forward to not seeing what they won’t be doing for us in 2019.”

Mr Tenor confirmed that the new banning policy would be iterated on going forward, but would not go into further detail. However, our sources have identified that Wizards of the Coast is currently working with local airlines to obtain lists of players booking flights within an hour of any MagicFest Top 8.