Unified Modern Team Divided following Ban List Announcement

Bloodbraid Elf is Unbanned.

Jace, the Mind Sculptor is Unbanned.

Whilst readers won’t yet know the full effect of this morning’s bombshell Ban List Announcement on everybody’s darling format, which comes into effect February 19th, already ripples are bringing the bloated corpse of dissent to the surface in more subtle ways.

Our source, who wishes to remain anonymous, contacted GasMTG after being woken up this morning by a rapid succession of message notifications which turned out to be a wild row between their other two teammates for GP Sydney later this year.

The spark which lit the tinderbox of discord was a message at 7:01am from player A, claiming “Shotgun playing Jace x a million”, with an afterthought “Player B you can have bbelf I guess”.

While seemingly innocent, we are informed that Player B had originally locked in UW control as they had just finished foiling out their deck again after the release of the treasure chest Search for Azcanta.

Boiling point was reached a few minutes later at the suggestion that Player B “could just play 5 colour humans instead”. Since then there have been no further messages, despite the ‘seen by all’ message popping up over 5 hours ago.

Player C  fears that there may be a possible breakup of the team, following this display of childish anger, but is non-plussed since they are “playing Mono Green Tron anyway” which is a highly sought after third player deck and as such they can easily find a replacement team.

If you have been personally affected by this story or fear that this may happen to you, please contact Wizards Support.