This Machine Kills Netdeckers – Episode 35: Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad

It was a big weekend for TMKN with both co-host Chifley Cole and regular guest Tim Hughes qualifying for the Pro Tour!!! Listen to them discuss: how they got there, carrying Maitland at the team GP, and the first ANNOUNCEMENT DAY!

Official: @tmkncast
Tim ‘In the B Seat’ Hughes: Twitter status unknown!
Maitland ‘In the F Seat’ Cameron: @maitlandcameron
Chifley ‘On the Floor’ Cole: @chifleycole
Music Credits:
Guided by Voices – Twilight Campfighter
Guided by Voices – Best of Jill Hives



Chifley Cole is widely regarded as the most significant Sin of Anubis, ranking far above Jackal Pup and Ankh of Mishra by this measure. He is also a Multiple PT Competitor ™, but only because he was smart enough to play Jace the Mind Sculptor – truly an under-looked gem.