Ten Better Ways To Spend $450 Than Completing Your Playset of ‘Jace, The Mind Sculptor’

We get it, we get it. You already have a Jace, The Mind Sculptor. You bought it for your EDH deck when it was still legal in Standard and only had to pay $200 for it. Also, it’s foil. Of course it is.

But now that Jace is unbanned in Modern, it’s worth way more. Oh shit, $600 bucks? Now you face the hardest choice of your career. Do you sell this sweet sheet? Pawn the power paper? Discard the hard card?

Of course not.

You’re going to double down on your investment. No way – quadruple down? You’re going to pick up the rest of your playset of Jace so you can play some delicious Modern. The others don’t need to be foil – you’ll just use your EDH Jace in your Jeskai deck. I guess you’ll have to triple sleeve the whole deck now… Sorry, I can’t help.

But maybe there’s an alternative. Maybe there’s more to life plan playing blue decks in eternal formats. Maybe there are other ways you could use that $450 than spending it on more Jaces!

10. Buy them online. That way, it’ll only cost $150, so you’ll still have a cool three hundred dollarydoos to invest in cryptocurrency, just make sure to learn how to buy bitcoin before making any moves.

9. Donate the money to charity, otherwise Peter Singer will shake his fist at you when he strides past you at your university.

8. See if you can find someone desperate enough to offload another foil Jace at $450. Sure, you won’t get to play Modern but you also won’t need to keep swapping cards when you play your Narset deck instead of the Venser one.

7. Buy a fucking giant Velociraptor costume to cosplay a DINOSAUR at the next pre-release.

6. Get yourself one Nike Hyperadept 1.0. You may only get one half of a pair of sneakers, but it’s a status symbol so what would you care when the peasants call you Wally One-Shoe?

5. Have smashed avo on toast next time you go out to brunch.

4. Hire a hot air balloon, light the fuse and blast off to whatever nonsense Disneyland WOTC were in when they thought that unbanning Jace was a good idea.

3. Buy 45 Bloodbraid Elves. BBE kills Jace. So this tidy investment can kill that playset of Jaces you were going to have 11 times over, and still leave one spare to kill that god damn Gideon.

2. Hide the money in your mattress because, the way the stock market is going, it’s that or buying silver.

1. Buy the Jaces. Play Modern. It’ll make you happy, and what is money for if not to buy happiness? God knows there’s enough misery in this world without you having to grind through another FNM with Bogles.