Report: Local Man Apparently Completely Fine After Losing PPTQ

Reports are emerging that local PPTQ Competitor Sam McHale is taking his recent loss in the finals of a 29 player Sealed PPTQ remarkably well. After crushing his opponent in the first game, McHale lost the following two – the first of which was to his opponent drawing exactly Lyra Dawnbringer to win, and the other to missing his fourth land drop two turns in a row. Shockingly, at the conclusion of game three, his opponent began comforting him, offering, ‘I didn’t want to win like that!’, to which McHale replied, ‘I’m just glad I got here, this is my first Top 8.’

Events continued to get stranger, when McHale quickly packed up his cards and with a big grin on face exclaimed, ‘What a great and rewarding day!’

‘I thought he’d be devastated,’ said Jimmy Welsh, McHale’s Opponent and PPTQ victor, ‘I’ve been chasing the Pro Tour dream for years and I’ve lost my fair share of PPTQs finals: last time it happened I didn’t talk to my mate the whole 45 minute train ride home.’

Witness Rob Hughes was in a state of complete disbelief, ‘I’m not sure if he realised what he’d lost,’ said Hughes, ‘If that were me I’d be fuming. I wouldn’t have moved from my seat and I’d certainly be replaying endlessly in my head how I sequenced all those turns where he missed land drops.’

The level two judge of the event, Chris Wood, couldn’t recall seeing anything like it in his whole career: ‘I have no idea how he is so upbeat! His opponent had to draw exactly Lyra to stabilise in game two. I know Sam had two Eviscerates in his deck but he didn’t see either. I’ve seen people turn into pits of despair over far less.’

We reached out to McHale for comment, but he had already left the venue. The TO has confirmed that McHale had indeed exchanged his eight Dominaria prize packs for Battlebond ones.