Modern Tier List

With GP Brisbane finally arriving this weekend the focus of many players is turning to the healthy (and vibrant) format that is Modern. Since the massive shake up brought about by the bannings of both Gitaxian Probe and Golgari Grave Troll, as well Aether Revolt bringing some new tools for many decks, Modern is in a state of flux and many players have no clue where to begin in picking a deck.

To help the player base with this conundrum I’ve created this tier list as a guide that can assist you in picking a deck. Their seems to be a common misconception on the internet that tier lists should be based on usage statistics and how popular decks are, whilst popularity is linked to deck power it is silly to base a tier list on this, rather my tier list is based on the current strength of the deck in the meta and how “good” a choice I feel the deck is for the GP. This will be based on my personal experience playing with and against these decks as well as how decks have been performing on MTGO and in paper tournaments.

Please keep in mind that just because your deck might be lower than you think it deserves to be this doesn’t mean that it’s a bad deck, just that I think there are decks that are better positioned at the moment. Without further ado here is the list, please sound off in the comments if you think that I’ve missed anything or disagree with a deck’s tier!

Tier 1: These are the strongest decks in the format, I think any of these are a good call in the meta, you are doing something inherently powerful and hard for a lot of decks to interact with whilst having at least a passable amount of interaction yourself.

Jund, Abzan, Bant Eldrazi, Tron, Eldrazi Tron, Affinity, Death’s Shadow Zoo, UR Storm, Titan Shift, UB Mill, Faeries, Amulet Titan, Burn, RG Breach, UW Conrol, Grixis Control, Grixis Delver, Sun and Moon, Dredge, Mono White, BW Tokens, Eldrazi and Taxes, Melira, Angel Combo, Soul Sisters, Lantern, Knightfall, Grishoalbrand, UR Prowess, Bogles, Infect, The Living End, Jeskai Control, Cheeri0s, Skred Red, Merfolk, Esper Gifts, Thopter Sword, Kiki Chord, Ponza, BG Infect, Elves, Goblins, Bant Spirits, Sultai, Seismic Assault, Bushwhacker Zoo, Bring to Light Scapeshift, Blue Moon, 8 Rack.

Tier 2: These decks are still good choices and when piloted well can bring good finishes but they are outclassed overall by the decks in tier 1.

Ad Nauseam.