Modern Day Evel Knievel Will Attempt To Play FNM Without Double-sleeving

Irvine, CA – Speaking before a crowded room of reporters, Marcus ‘The Mad Prophet’ Chirpson revealed his next great feat of daring to a chorus of gasps: on Friday the 28th of October, in the year of our lord 2016, he will play a standard FNM without double-sleeving his deck.

“How is it even possible?” is the first question from the audience, once they’ve had time to pick their jaws up off the floor.

“Surely that can’t be legal?”

“That isn’t safe!”

Soon Marcus is peppered with a deluge of questions, each a strangled exclamation of disbelief leaping from the mouth of a flustered reporter – and each is met with a calm smile and measured response.

“What if one of your opponents riffle shuffles your deck?”

Marcus is no stranger to the chaotic chatter that follows one of his announcements, having made his living for several years now as a daredevil and stuntman, and he quickly settles the crowd and assuages their concerns.

The Iowan native first made his name as an amateur stuntman, when he would regularly draft 4 color decks and choose to be on the draw, and it wasn’t long before he became a famous name around the kitchen tables.

Marcus’s big break came in 2009 when he started touring the PTQ circuit during Extended season, playing a sensational version of Elves that had neither graveyard-hate nor artifact-hate in the sideboard – a feat many thought impossible with the twin menaces of Dredge and Affinity defining the format.

The Mad Prophet has had his setbacks though; his dream of casting Obliterate in Commander came crashing down around him when he was banned for using land-destruction. In addition, in early March this year he attempted to play a Modern GPT without a playmat, before being forced to drop from the event after he split an UltraPro sleeve while shuffling up for round 1. Marcus hasn’t let these rare mishaps stop him from becoming the most celebrated Magic daredevil, and this latest stunt is yet another escalation by a magician who has never shown any fear.

GASmtg wishes Marcus luck in what is undoubtedly his most daring stunt to date, and would like to remind readers that Marcus Chirpson is a trained professional and not to try any of his stunts at home.



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