Marvel and Magic Crossover – Half the Australian GPs Erased at the End of Infinity War

How epic is this?


If there is one thing fans of Magic have always wanted it’s a crossover with the comicbook movie colossus Marvel. Well good news my fellow nerds, today we finally get our wish. Wizards of the Coast have announced that Organized Play (APAC Region) has officially joined the cast of the Avengers!

Hell. Yes.

Of course while this is legendary news, it has made the gut wrenching ending of “Avengers: Infinity War” that little bit more heartbreaking. From Wizards of the Coast representative Ted Turner:

“We’re very excited by Magic’s first entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Unfortunately, it has come at a steep cost for one of our favourite characters. I’m sad to report that half of the Australian MagicFests were erased by Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet at the end of “Avengers:Infinity War.”

“For fans of Australian GP December 2019, I’m sad to say that your hero is in the Soul Stone.”


I for one have always loved Australian GP December 2019. There’s no doubt the superhero had one of the most electric storylines in Organized Play (APAC Region). We were first introduced to them as GP Brisbane 2019, the sidekick of the superhero Pro Tour Brisbane 2019. Local fans loved having such an obscure storyline as Australia be thrown into the spotlight once again.

When Wave Two hit and Pro Tour Brisbane was reborn as Pro Tour Sydney, fans were divided regarding GP Brisbane 2019’s own transformation. Now known as GP Sydney 2019, some fans had instead hoped the hero would get a stand-alone feature rather than follow the main cast.

Those fans had thought they might get their wish with the ultimate defeat of Pro Tour Sydney in the last Summer blockbuster. Alas, with this exciting Marvel crossover, it seems our hero is vanquished for good.

Or are they?

Ted Turner had the following to say when asked if there was any chance of Australian GP December 2019 returning from the Soul Stone or if I should just sell all my Standard cards now since I’ll never have a chance to play with them competitively ever again:

“Spoilers! We’ve had some very exciting talks with Marvel regarding the future of Organized Play (APAC Region) and the heroes of our pantheon. Of course, we can’t go into that now, our fans will just have to wait and see! Anything could happen!”

Stay tuned for future updates.