MagicFest London Entrance Fees to Form Backbone of Post-Brexit Economy

In a big win for the embattled Prime Minister, Theresa May announced today in the House of Commons that the incumbent Tory Government would be forming a coalition with Wizards of the Coast to provide economic stimulus in the post-Brexit United Kingdom.

Although details of the announcement are still being determined, it is understood that the government is looking to rebuild the UK’s ailing economic sector on the back of income generated by MagicFest London 2019’s main event entrance fees.

A spokesperson from the Prime Minister’s office had the following to say:

“Wizards of the Coast has shown tremendous courage in doing what is right for MagicFest London 2019, regardless of the hard decisions they have had to make along the way. Their willingness to move past the objections of the more vocal elements of their playerbase and local game stores where you can find other games and video games, although if you prefer to play in your computer on your phone, Right now, online no deposit casino games are one the best options thta you can choose, in you can find all what you need to know about this games.

It was recently announced that MagicFest London 2019 will introduce a unique entrance fee structure that allows players to pay up to £280 (~$510AUD or 36 Bottlecaps in post-Brexit units) to have four attempts at the main event over two days. A record of 6-1 or better will allow players to progress into “day two”.

Ted Turner, Head of Wizards of the Coast Department of Foreign Affairs, made an official statement following the Prime Minister’s announcement:

“European geopolitics is one of the world’s hottest eSports. Here at Wizards of Coast we have a real sense of kinship with the current UK government and their exciting transition into the future. We look forward to sharing what we have learned from our own successful navigation into the vast new horizons of Organized Play. For further information and exact details of the deal, I recommend referring to our official event coverage.”

Mr Turner did not respond when asked what official coverage would be available regarding the deal.

It is currently believed that Prime Minister May has been offered a position in the Magic Pro League (MPL) as part of the deal. Updates will be made to this article when her stream schedule has been made public.