Kim Jong-un Dominates North Korean Magic Nationals

All glory to Supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Kim Jong-Un, for his triumph over two days at the Yanggakdo International Hotel in the heart of Pyongyang to take out this year’s North Korean Magic Nationals! Over 12 players came out to compete through seven rounds of Standard and two drafts, but in the end it was Jong-Un who took home the trophy and will represent his country in Nice, France in December.

Although the established format for a nation’s World Magic Cup team is the Pro Point leader, along with the two finalists from Nationals, North Korea is something of a special case with the entire population of the East Asian country tieing on zero points and all players besides Jong-Un absent for the top eight announcement. Therefore, according to DCI guidelines, Kim will represent the nation single handedly.

GAS has been lucky enough to gain an exclusive interview with the dictator:

C: Congratulations, Kim, on your victory today. Do you have any comments on the unusual circumstances by which you came to win this event?

KJ: I cannot be defeated. There is nothing unusual about my victory. My opponents were probably in the bathroom; as I understand it, having to use the bathroom can be very inconvenient.

C: Can you tell me about the Standard deck you played? I haven’t been able to see your decklist.

KJ: My deck is a masterpiece, far superior to the decks built by Western deckbuilders. It is guaranteed to crush those who would oppose me during the World Magic Cup.

C: Thanks for the insightful interview, Kim!

GASmtg wishes the best of luck to despot Kim and the entire nation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in their upcoming campaign/s!



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