Introducing: The Barnacle Preservation Society

Here at GASmtg we’re about more than just laughs – despite what appearances may suggest – and today we’re reaching out to you for assistance on behalf of a non-profit charity that’s doing great work around the globe, the Barnacle Preservation Society.

Barnacles, or ‘barns’ as they are more commonly known, are the lifeblood of the Magic ecosystem – the everyday grinders that play FNMs, subscribe to SCG premium, carpool to PPTQs and so much more – without the noble barn, the whole landscape of competitive play would be totally different. However, despite their critical importance, nearly one in two Australian barns has played an event without their hull present in the last six months.

Seeing the agony that this can cause to a barn, the Barnacle Preservation Society has stepped up. The BPS is an Australian-based NGO that is engaged in the rehabilitation and regeneration of at-risk barns whose hulls are no longer capable of providing a safe and nourishing habitat. The risk is real and steps have to be taken now, while we still have priority to act.

Even here at GASmtg we’re no strangers to the unpreventable damage that’s being dealt to Australian barns – our own Patrick Robertson, co-founder and once-thriving hull, has been totally tapped out by his thesis and has been unable to provide sufficient sustenance for his one remaining barn, Maitland Cameron. Without a robust and healthy hull to provide protection and support, Maitland has been seen playing Bogles in Modern, friendly leagues on MODO, and hasn’t qualified for an RPTQ in over a year – and Maitland is one of the lucky ones! While he may be malnourished, he still has a hull, dilapidated though it may be – Patty’s many other former barns are now out there with no hull at all, at risk of attaching themselves to serial cheaters or even Travis Woo.

This is where the Barnacle Preservation Society comes in. The BPS have teamed up with the wiz kids at Draftaholics Anonymous, who’ve expanded their incredible Event Finder to include a new Hull Finder feature. Using this feature, the BPS can search for nearby Hulls, and relocate at-risk or unattached barns to safe hulls that can sustain a barn in a healthy lifestyle.

How can you help? Draftaholics need to expand their database of suitable hulls – if you’re a hospitable hull willing to help a barnacle in need, head over to the Hull Finder page and register yourself. Even if you can’t commit to a full-time barn, you can still provide valuable aid as a foster hull to maintain barns in transition before they move to a permanent new hull

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