Introducing the Australian Pro Tour Kyoto Team

Pro Tour: Kyoto is right around the corner; and my thesis is almost complete – so that means that it’s time for another instalment of AUSTRALIANS AT THE PRO TOUR!

Anthony Lee

The Tyrant King of Western Australia, namesake of team MTG Bent Card, Anthony Lee – or The Tone Bone, as he insists on being called – qualified for PT Kyoto after a 13-2 run at GP Kobe, which left him in 17th place. Part of the MTG Mint/Bent Card conglomerate, Anthony got his start at MTG Mint Card through friend and mentor Jake Hart and has since excelled, making friends in high places with his exemplary networking and communication skills, alongside a continued dedication to Magic. Poised to make a late push for Silver, I would expect T-Bone’s preparedness for this PT to be second-to-none, and it will take a skilful opponent to avoid being put in THE BONE ZONE.

Justin Cheung

What is there to say about Juzza that hasn’t already been said? The benchmark for professionalism and hard work in Australian Magic, Juzza sets the bar high for anyone looking to contend for the title of best player in the country. Long-considered a perennial bridesmaid, Juzza has had sustained success at the highest level, without every really “breaking out”. Sleep on Juzza at your peril – and everyone here at GASmtg will be rooting for him, as always!

Tim Hughes

Long-time brewer, first-time pro tour competitor. Tim Hughes finally broke through after his hapless opponent punted against him in the semi-finals of the last PPTQ of the season. The consummate grinder, Tim’s Planeswalker Points Prowess is renowned across the land. Part of the family here at Team GASmtg, we’re thrilled to see Tim make the jump to the Professional Tour.

Chifley Cole

Matt Anderson

Matt Anderson is no stranger to the Pro Tour this season, and hit Silver at GP Sydney to earn the invite to Kyoto – this despite judging GPs instead of playing them, in a move fans and critics alike described as ‘you’ve got to be kidding me’. Famous for mixing draft chaff into his constructed decks and winning anyway, Matt is a force to be reckoned with – especially if he forgets to pack any copies of Confirm Suspicions and ends up with playables in his deck instead – and we’ll track his progress in Kyoto excitedly.

Ryan Cubit

Hail to the chief, the King of the South Island. Ryan Cubit is Australia’s Golden Child. After a stellar run at the World Magic Cup, Ol’ Cubey parlayed his PT qualification into not one, but two stellar X-5 or better runs this season. The team here at GASmtg couldn’t be more excited to see if Ryan will be able to carry the Australian National Team again, this time as CAPTAIN… wait, what’s this?!



Oh no, watch out Ryan, it’s your good friend and reigning national captain, DAVID MINES! Dave was considered dead in the water for a repeat performance as captain, his stock was at an all-time low and people had started to forget his name. However, after a strong performance on the GP circuit, Dave has made Gold and passed Ryan in the race for national captain by a whisker going into PT Kyoto. Unfortunately for Dave, he is currently GP capped, whereas Ryan is not; this race is almost certainly going to come down to the wire in the last two weeks of the season, with a good PT performance from either competitor likely to clinch the title!

Riley Knight

Last, but not least, we have local hero Riley Knight, making his Pro Tour debut in the commentary booth! Riley is a talented young upstart, whose sharp wit and seemingly endless supply of Australiana references have been gracing our screens since GP Melbourne 2014, when a local oaf began his gradual descent into irrelevance.

Since graduating from pole position, Riley has been a semi-regular fixture on the European GP coverage circuit, and we’re stoked to see him finally get a crack at the main event.

Anyway, that’s all we have time for folks. This thesis isn’t going to write itself, after all. If I’ve forgotten anyone who is qualified, it is because I don’t know them well enough to make fun of them publicly, but feel free to lay waste to your friend in the comments section!