GAS to Cut Ties with Patty Robertson Following Netdecking Allegations

Where it all began?

It is with a heavy heart that today we, GASmtg, are having to suspend indefinitely one of our most beloved and prolific writers, Patrick Robertson. Recently there have been high profile allegations of netdecking at a local Melbourne PPTQ that Patrick won and, whilst we were standing firmly behind Patrick as one of our writers, the evidence has been piling up such that we have decided it is best to distance ourselves until the official investigation is over.

When we hired Patrick, or “Big Brews” as he is colloquially known, we knew of his past netdecking transgressions – and he assured us he had changed and that it was all ancient history. Since his tenure¬†began we have held him to the same standards as all of our other writers and we believed that he truly had turned over a new leaf. It is devastating to all involved that we may have been wrong in this judgement call and we extend our sincerest apologies to the community.

Here at GAS we pride ourselves on the integrity of all our staff and writers and the whole organisation has been stunned following these revelations. We hope that as a company we can win back your trust as we continue to publish honest original content. We wish nothing but the best for Patrick in the future and hope that he can bounce back from these charges and continue to be the upstanding leader in the community that we know he can be.