Best of 2016

With 2016 officially in the books, here’s a look back at 5 staff picks for GASmtg’s best of the year – the perfect chance to relive the keen strategic analysis that typified last year’s content or, if you’re lucky, catch up on the Quality Contenttm that you missed!

The Philosophers of Magic: the Gathering – Chris Cousens
Chris put his extensive knowledge of Magic’s psychographics to use and broke down exactly which famous philosophers belong to each group – and why.

Before You Install MODO – SJB
Going above and beyond, Sammy ventured deep into the dangerous labyrinth that is the Wizards website, and escaped with the definitive guide to installing Magic the Gathering: Online on your Personal Computer. Check it out!

Ode to Loss (A Grinder’s Lament) – Maitland Cameron
Noticing a distinct lack of style on this website, Maitland classied the joint up with a spot of poetry. Fancy!

4 More Reasons You Won’t 3-0 Your Next Draft – Tristan Cook
Time to get your learning on: the official companion piece to Paulo Vitor’s seminal draft article, Tristan brought us another 4 mistakes that we’re all making which are costing us wins.

Which Hall of Famer Are You? – Chifley Cole
We’ve all spent hours arguing about which of our friends is a Finkel and which is a Budde – finally Chifley brought us a quiz which ends these arguments using cold hard science.



A team effort in misery. Truly they hail from the swamp!