Michael Barta

Michael is below average in all aspects of his life: his work, his schooling, and his personal relationships.
When he tries to take pen to paper disaster follows, as he has a poor grip on the English language.
To decipher his work or advice is foolish, as it has no useful information.
To bury oneself in his work for entertainment is unfulfilling, as he lacks all manner of wit.
To gauge his work for a feeling of superiority is pointless, as it is like taking sweets from a small child.
Even birds do not use his work for building nests, as it is of low quality and quickly disintegrates.
He truly is a disappointment to all who know him.

My List of Suck

My name is Michael Barta and I first started “playing” Magic when sixth edition came out. I took a break from the game after the Darksteel pre-release (Magic wasn’t cool in high school) and came back for Alara Reborn. Since then, I have played a lot of cardboard, bought a lot of cardboard and have, quite frankly, […]