4 More Reasons You Won’t 3-0 Your Next Draft

A companion piece to PVDR’s exceptional “The 4 Reasons You Won’t 3-0 Your Next Draft

#1: You’re passing to the reigning Game Day Champion.


Look, this draft pod’s too small for two 3-0’s, and we already know who has this one in the bag. You’re pretty sure you’re drafting pretty well, but the sympathy in the GDC’s eyes whenever you pass them a pack has you worried.

#2: You went out on an all-night bender and are still coming down.


Hoooo boy, last night was WILD! But now you’ve cracked your first pack and you honestly can’t tell if you’re seeing double or one of these Brain in a Jar is foil. Either way, it’s a rare, so it must be good!

#3: You’ve never actually played magic before.


This is incredible. You’ve somehow drafted an amazing deck, but it doesn’t even matter! You’ve never even heard of Magic before, and without knowing how to play, it’s unlikely you’ll 3-0.

#4: Your partner just found out about your affair.


Well shit, you’ve really done it this time. You always knew it had to come out, you just didn’t expect it while nutting out pick nine! How’re you supposed to focus on the UR-Spells pick order with this weighing on your mind!